Yagya Details

Vedic yagya foundation performs number of yagyas of different kinds for different purposes. Vedic yagya foundation performs yagyas in different categories, depending on the number of Vedic Pandits performing the yagyas.

Birthday Yagya Performance

According to the Vedic astrology, the birth day is very important day of any individual. Birthday yagya is performed for longevity, good health and wealth all through the year.

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Vedic Calendar

There are many auspicious days in a year according to Vedic calendar. Performing the yagyas on this auspicious day is more effective and fruitful.

Muhurta (Auspicious Time)

As it is well known that "the well begun is half done", in the same way if some one wants to start any new project, business or any important decision like marriage, partnership, he/she should take Muhurta to get the best result of such activity.

Vedic Horoscope (Birth Chart)

Vedic Jyotish has a wonderful system of making of Horoscope on the basis of Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Birth Place (Longitude/ Latitude) . Making your horoscope can be a great help at various part of life. It can predict your future and help you to find out compatibility with a suitable partner and help you to get astrological assistance in solving your problems.

Birth Time Rectification

If there is problem to get the exact time of birth, there is a procedure called birth time rectification to calculate the time of birth. You will have to provide some (6 to 8) important events of life.

Yagya Performance

Yagya performance is a Vedic Healing. This is one of the best services offered by Vedic yagya foundation. Yagyas were the part & parcel of the regular routine of the individual and public life in Vedic civilization. "The Vishnu Purana says Performance of yagyas regularly is beneficial to man and bestows peace". Vedic yagyas create a life supporting effects by avoiding any unwanted trends before it manifests. Every thought, actions, words forms influences in the environment, which has reflex action. Good actions are reflected with best influences on the contrary the negative actions are reflected with disharmony, difficulties, illness etc. Our astrologers by examining the horoscope, recommends appropriate yagyas. The yagya performance works like a catalyst. If the influence approaching is favorable, then yagya performance will be recommended to enhance good fortune. If the influence approaching is unfavorable, yagya performance will generate the specific life supporting influence to neutralize it. Yagyas are more effective if it is performed before the starting of unfavorable period. Yagyas are performed by properly trained Vedic Pandits according to the Vedic tradition here in India.

Vedic Jyotish Consultation

Vedic yagya foundation has an experienced team of Vedic Jyotishi for consultation. They will predict by examining the birth chart of any individual. Vedic Jyotishi can foresee on health, wealth, success, profits, progress, obstacles, hindrances, family life, love relationship, life partner, education, career etc. by examining the horoscope. This consultation offers the opportunity to ask the detailed questions. The analysis of horoscope will guide to understand one's own abilities and weakness which helps to make the best decision in future life. This consultation covers interpretation of 12 house, Gochar (transit) coming 1 year prediction, favorable gemstones, yagya recommendation and answer for your questions.

Marriage Compatibility

Marriage is one of the most significant events in individual’s life. It is always better to be sure that things are going to work out well. Vedic Jyotish system has wonderful system for marriage compatibility. Take Vedic Jyotishi opinion on compatibility between you and your life partner. Good compatibility between life partners will make your life happy and peaceful. If you want to have marriage compatibility.



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