Vedic Yagya

For every Individual Yagya have to be performed as per Vedic norms on specific purpose, (Muhurt) time & by the capable Vedic Pandits only. All the Yagya performed as per specified period as sponsor only. This is the basic requirement of the yagya. Daily pooja / Yagya which are done in various temples are not specific and can not serve purpose of individuals as all mantras chanted there are in general like prayers only.

There are various methods / process which are adopted by our Pandits as per Vedic norms for self purification few of them as follows:

Aachman: - For getting internal purification.
Pavitri: - It makes oneself sacred as whole.
Paraná yam: - This is such a natural gift and device which attach oneself directly with almighty and renders complete bliss. One feels oneself away from the earthly possession since yagya is completely based on certain desired principles applied and yoga being a very important proof of yagya which plays a very vital role. It unifies the whole system and attached with God.

“Devam Bhuttva Devam Yejat”

This is the ultimate feeling of a Pandit who performing yagya. Some ritual and basic principle have been established by our Rishis for performing any yagya which is performed by Nyas, Paranayan, etc already well decided by Maha Rishis and this performance ultimately attach the “Soul” of the performer with the “Super Soul” and that gives results and eliminates all the pathos for which it is done.

The person of which yagya is performed is also supposed to be involved in a yagya till it performed wherever he/she may be. He/she has to spend his time by abstaining from all the evils by spiritual meditation. That moment of spiritual Paramanand is felt the blessing of almighty.

Yagya is the process of the One (Devata) being invoked, and then the Sankalp being introduced, and brought out into relative world. It is the process of the one becoming manifest to a point value of life.

One has to understand that the Pandit does not “physical" connect to the person. That the Pandits connects to the Devata level of life and by the correctness of the mantras, together with the offerings, along with one pointed concentration, the results manifest. 

No physical or emotional connection is there. The person sponsoring the yagya gets the benefits, because of the Oneness of the Devata is in the field of Unity of all life. That person has made the Sankalp and the offerings, so if the yagya is performed correctly, with one pointed concentration (transcendence) then the results will be there. The results unfold over time, persons look back and see the changes. They have to work with the yagya, however, and realize that the yagya will enhance whatever self efforts they are doing.
Place of yagya: - Varanasi (Kashi) (Benares) One of the world's oldest living cities on the sacred river holy Ganga. The city of more than Thousand Temples. The religious capital of the Hindus since the down of history. The Ultimate pilgrimage, also know as Kashi, said to be a derivative of the word "Kasha" meaning bright. That describes its luminance amongst pilgrimages. One of the world famous and oldest cities for Study of Astrology and Vedas. A place where bells and chants of Vedic hymns purify the air and exhilarate the soul. 
We perform yagyas / puja in Kashi ( Varanasi) at site located on the banks of holy river Ganga in natural surroundings or in old temples of the city for specific reasons as per Vedic rules.

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